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Spam attack on new forum

Posted: Mon May 17, 2021 10:36 pm
by Michael
This forum came into existence a few months ago. Since then, I had to devote much of my time to my business, and so I just waited for new subscribers and conversation to ensue. I checked on the forum a couple of nights ago and I was surprised to see nearly 11,000 members and 34,000 posts.

Some Russian, or Russians, used computers (bots) to create fake members and nonsensical posts. It blew my mind because it was so senseless. I understand if someone is unscrupulous and is willing to go to such lengths to earn a profit, but all these geniuses did was use their own electricity and machines to do something silly.

What they did might have been challenging for them, but it was not anything difficult for a savvy computer user. The only hard part is trying to figure out the motivation.

One of them even wrote about how Russia had become a great country, and how now they even have an army. That person really should study his country's history. They had an army a long time ago, and it even defeated Hitler.

In a few days, I will have time to adjust the forum's settings to allow for new members and posts, once they are approved by me. Established members will not be moderated.

I just want you to understand the reason why the forum is closed at the moment. My business is booming and I need a little more time to tweak the forum.

- Michael