“  Hello Michael, I want to start off by saying Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing our wedding pictures.  They are absolutely lovely (the bridal portraits are lovely also).  You are such a great person!  ”
Sandra Rathbone and Benjamin Angel

“  We loved the video.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work.  It turned out great.  ”
Amy Warren

“  We were incredibly pleased with everything . . . I did get a good many of the pictures up on the web.  ” Lana Strickland-Izaguirre
NOTE:  Lana & Frank hired us to go from Asheville to Disneyworld to photograph their wonderful wedding.  We’re ready to do another one there!

“  We got the pictures!  Thank you and I think I have looked through them about 15 times already!  They are great!  ”       Amy Gelm
“  Amy’s last email was in regards/response to overwhelming happiness with the pictures.  ”       Jeff Gelm

“  Mark & I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did photographing our wedding.  Your easy going approach helped to put us both at ease.  We are thrilled with the photos and have been having a lot of difficulty picking out enlargements . . . we want them all.  Thanks to you both, we have the best wedding photo collection we’ve seen in a long time.
You’ve been great.  If we can ever offer a reference on your behalf, please do not hesitate to give out our home phone number.  ”
Mark & Cynthia Miller

“  Michael was very easy to work with from the beginning & the photographs came out beautifully!  ”     “  Thanks for capturing the beauty of our special day!  ”
Pamela Haire

“  Just like every girl dreams, I wanted our wedding day to be perfect! My now husband and I met with only one photographer, and that was Michael.  We knew instantly that we wanted him to share in our special day.
Michael did just what we asked, and we now have beautiful photos that captured special moments we will forever treasure.  ”
Sarah & Chris Cooley

“  We found Michael and his assistant very easy to work with.  He’s so unintrusive we hardly noticed he was there! But the pictures were unforgettable! We recommend him to anyone.  ”
Jason & Stephanie Hoffman

“  We were very pleased with the sepia tone that was added to our photos to give them a 1930’s feel.  All of our photographs were wonderful and we highly recommend Michael.  ”
Megan & Keith Romano

“  The thing we liked most about Michael was his sincere, down-to-earth, straightforward personality.  He was open to doing whatever we wanted, offered suggestions in an unobtrusive manner, and seemed truly interested in photographing our wedding. We are extremely satisfied with the pictures we have.  Michael managed to capture all of our guests in at least a couple of pictures, if not more, and did this without being intrusive.  A majority of our album consists of candid pictures, which was exactly what we wanted.  ”
Dr. Janet Freburger and Mr. Karl Freburger

“  Thank you so much for making our day so special.  The pictures look great! You did a really good job without interfering with the ceremony.  ”
Mrs. Amber Waycaster

“  We had such a wonderful time at our wedding, and we were glad that we had such wonderful pictures to help us remember it.  Michael Gelman was a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend him.  ”
Angie & Jason Leek

“  Their attention and professionalism left a lasting impression.  They have skillfully captured the moments we wanted to last forever.  ”
Jeanette and Billy Egerton

“  I would like to commend Michael for his sensitivity not to have photography be disruptive to the wedding service, and finding out ahead of time what the preference of the bride and presiding minister was for the service.  He followed through on what was agreed to and circumspectly took those pictures.  ”
Lendall H. Smith, Pastor Bethel Presbyterian Church

“  Michael approaches things in a very professional manner.  He communicates well with pastors which I particularly appreciate.  ”
Pastor Charlie Sams Starnes Cove Baptist Church

“  Having worked with Michael, I found him to be a complete professional, placing his professional needs behind those of the service and the couple.  His presence was quite unobtrusive and in general, wonderful to work with.  ”
Pastor Mark Nieting, Emmanuel Lutheran
NOTE:  We later photographed Pastor Nieting’s wedding to Pam Wright, of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

“  I will have to say that I never even knew that Michael was taking pictures.  We had discussed it prior to the service, but I had to ask a guest if he really did take them.  I am always grateful to someone who shows great respect for the ceremony and the importance of not disturbing it.  ”
Rev. Jacqui P. Weiks, M.S.S.

“  Michael conferred with me before the service.  He was very professional, cooperative, and unobtrusive.  From a minister’s perspective, I would be glad to work with him again.  ”
Rev. James McKinley Unitarian Fellowship of Hendersonville

“  Dear colleagues in ministry, I would like to recommend Michael’s professionalism and easy-going nature to you.  Everything (photographic) went smoothly, and Michael was easy to work with and unobtrusive.  I enjoyed working with him.  ”
Pastor Paul Hacklander Acton United Methodist Church

“  In my opinion, you did an excellent and tasteful job in covering the wedding.  At no point were you in the way of the ceremony.  ”
Walter Woodall S.G.I. (Bhuddist)

“  Everyone who has seen the photos comments on how well they document the whole wedding and reception.  ”
Carol A. Wolf

“  We received both packages today and everything looks absolutely wonderful!  Thanks for everything!  ”
Angie Leek

“  We . . . would not hesitate to recommend your services in the future.  ”
Ben & Kelly Hennig

“  Thanks for such a wonderful collection of memories.  Everything turned out so beautiful!  ”     “  Thanks again for a job well done!  ”     “  You have been so wonderful to work with!  ”
Brenna Wallace

“  I received the pictures you sent two weeks ago (of our May 26 wedding) and we’re really happy with them!  I really like some of the candid shots you took of various goings-on.  ”
Catherine Collins

“  . . . the people at the wedding were very impressed with your professionalism.  I received many compliments.  We are so glad that we hired you, and I can’t wait to see the photos!  I’m not sure if you need a recommendation letter, as I’m sure you have tons, but I will be glad to write you one!  ”
“  I’m very glad that we got your brochure from Pretty Place . . . Gabe and I think the photographs are the most important part of everything we purchased for the wedding . . . and a good relationship w/ the photographer is very important.  And, we found that with you, and I’m thankful for that!  Gabe and I were very impressed when we visited w/ you there in NC.  ”
“  . . . it was so hard to choose from the many wonderful options.  ”
Charity and Gabe Barnard

“  I just wanted to let you know that we received the pictures and they are as wonderful as the other ones you already sent us.  You and Bill did a wonderful job on our pictures and we will always remember you fondly whenever we look at our wedding pictures. Thank you again and if we ever need a photographer or anyone we know does we will certainly give you a call.  ”
“  We were very happy with the photos and we will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a photographer.  Thank you again for making our day so special.  ”
Diana and Greg Rawlings

“  I got the pictures yesterday-and yes I love them!!!  ”     “  . . . The name of mine and Darrell’s boat is Worth the Wait.  So far everything in our lives together has been, including the pictures.  ”
Gayle and Darrell Rice

“  Got the proofs today and they’re wonderful . . . Thanks again, you did a fantastic job.  ”     “  Everyone loved the pictures.  Thank you again.  ”
Jerrie McClamma
NOTE:  Wedding photographed in Daytona Beach.  We’re ready to do another one there!

“  Thanks so much.  The pics are perfect.  I’ve already put them in frames, wrapped them up, and sent them away!  Thanks again for all of your hard work!  ”
Lisa Clark

“  Thanks so much again Michael for everything.  All the pictures are sooooo beautiful!!!  ”     “  My album looks absolutely fabulous.  Thank you so much!  ”
Melissa Gooman

“  I just wanted to let you know that I received the photos, and I love them!  My only problem is going to be narrowing them down for enlargements!  ”
Melody Stewart

“  We received the proofs, and yes they did turn out wonderful!  ”
“  I’m sure the expert photography had something to do with the pictures turning out wonderful.  We’re so happy, and I guess the pictures reflect that.  ”
Mike and Leigh Anne Lauer

“  After our conversation, Scott, Kimberly, Bob and I spent 4 hours sorting out pictures! They are beautiful! Thanks for all you did for us.  What a great end to the wedding emergency!  Please tell the other photographers how pleased we were.  ”
Nancy Wilson
NOTE:  The “wedding emergency” was that just before the wedding, the family learned their “photographer” had stolen their deposit and fled.  With the help of Bill and Leigh, the three of us covered this two day Biltmore Estate event with little notice and without a problem.

“  I thoroughly enjoyed our wedding shoot!!  It was a lot of fun.  ”
“  I just wanted to express how please we have been with the professionalism and courtesy your company has shown us thus far.  The botanical gardens are beautiful and gave a wonderful backdrop.  ”
“  First of all I want to thank Mr. Roskind for such a professional and courteous job.  He was just snapping away and we hardly noticed him there!  ”
Sarah E. Hogan

“  I *love* the photos and have scanned a few and sent them over to Paul in the UK . . . Thank you so very much for your fine work and for being a part of our day in a professional as well as a personal capacity.  We enjoyed ourselves so much and are grateful to have photos with which to evoke memories and to show to the family that weren’t able to be there.  ”
Jen Rowlands

“  Our wedding was shot by Bill and I have to say he did an amazing job.  ”
Tom Jacome

“  . . . the pictures truly reflected the feelings shared between my husband and me as well as our family in the wedding.  Thanks again for all of your help and for creating memories for us to share years from now.  ”

“  My name is Michelle Mease.  I hope you remember my husband, Chris, and me.  You photographed our wedding at Cloud 9 House in Gardens in Hendersonville in May of 1994 . . . After browsing your site, I felt compelled to write and tell you how impressed I am with all of your work!  ”
Michelle Mease