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~ endnotes ~

These links open in new tabs.  At the time of creation, all of these references were free.
If any link is broken or no longer free, please let me know.

(endnote 1) El Magnetismo Explicado (en español) Lo siento, pero la versión en español aún no está lista.
(endnote 2) Gravity Explained
~ on this same website ~
(endnote 3) Magnetism and non-counterbalanced electron spin.
Live Science
(endnote 4) Neutrinos come from space.
Scientific American
(endnote 5) Neutrinos have almost no interaction with matter.
Brookhaven National Laboratory
University of Sidney
(endnote 6) Matter is mostly empty space.
Science Alert
( Science X
(endnote 7) 100 trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second.
South Pole Neutrino Observatory
(endnote 8) Electrons might not orbit a single nucleus.
The Energy Wave Theory Project
Louisiana State University
(endnote 9) A force of nature keeps nuclei and electrons separate.
West Texas A&M University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(endnote 10) Protons and neutrons have roughly 2,000 times the mass of an electron.
Brooklyn College
(endnote 11) Electron orbits become elastic in capacitor dielectrics.
The Physics Hypertextbook
Knowles Precision Devices
(endnote 12) Magnetism caused by photons.
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
(endnote 13) Thomas Jefferson's quotation.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(endnote 14) Daniel J. Boorstin's quotation.

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