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“Without credible communication, and a lot of it, the hearts and minds of others are never captured.”

John P. Kotter

“Credibility is a leader's currency. With it, he or she is solvent; without it, he or she is bankrupt.”

John C. Maxwell

If your video is not just made-up ‘facts,’ as many are, then show where you got your information with video footnotes and endnotes.

It's free and (relatively) easy!

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    Download the files you will need.  The ZIP file contains (30) MOV clips at 1080p for your video, plus (2) sets of (30) endnote icons for your webpage, created using black and white mattes.
    Your video editing program must be able to import MOV clips.   If these do not import, then check your preferences first.   In some versions of Vegas go to

Options > Preferences >

and then there is a tab named ‘Depreciated Features.’   Be sure that the ‘Enable the QuickTime plugin’ box is checked.
    If you still cannot import the files, don't worry.   The Apple codec is contained in this free download directly from   Exit your video editing program, install this, and then restart the video app and it should be able to import the files.
    FYI, I chose the MOV files for transparency and universality.
    I recommend creating audio and video tracks at the top of your timeline just for video footnotes.This will allow you to find and move them easily, ensure that nothing covers them, and also adjust parameters for all of them at once.   Once you import them all, select them all in your media bin, right click, and choose ‘Properties.’   Under ‘Stream,’ be sure that either ‘Multiple’ or ‘Video 1’ is selected.   For ‘Alpha channel’ select ‘Straight (unmatted)’ and click OK.
    The rest is timing.
Video Footnotes logo
    The endnote files are GIFs with transparent backgrounds.   The edge pixels that are partly on the icon and partly on the background are not actually transparent.   Those pixels are a mix of blue/violet and either black or white.   You must decide which set will look best on your webpage. I chose black for my site because of the black background.   If your webpage is neither black nor white, then try both to see which you like the most.
This icon was created with a black matte.
It looks good on a black background and
bad on a white one.
(endnote 14) (endnote 14)
This icon was created with a white matte.
Better on the white background,
awful on a black background.
(endnote 14) (endnote 14)

If you want to see the endnotes for Gravity Explained, then you want this page, and
if you want to see the endnotes for Magnetism Explained, then you want this page.

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